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Notice of 2019 Tax Warrant

January 01, 2019
Table Of Contents:
Tax Collector
Town Of Marcy
Tax Collection - Town & County
P.O. Box 220
Marcy, NY 13403
Phone: 315-768-4800 ext 227
Fax: 315-768-1305
Important Information for 2019 Town & County Tax Bills
2019 Town & County Tax - Important Information (Tax Bill Insert) 
Tax Warrant issued 12/31 authorizes Town Clerk as Marcy Tax Collector to collect tax payments for the Town of Marcy & Oneida County from 01/01 - 03/31 as follows:
IF PAID IN JANUARY 	01/01/19 to 01/31/19		NO PENALTY 		
IF PAID IN FEBRUARY	02/01/19 to 02/28/19		MUST ADD PENALTY 1.0% + $2.00 Fee	
IF PAID IN MARCH 	03/01/19 to 03/31/19 	MUST ADD PENALTY 1.5% + $2.00 Fee	
After 04/01/19 Tax Collector is not authorized to accept any further payments; you will then need to contact:  Oneida County Finance; 5th floor ‐ 800 Park Ave. Utica, NY 		Phone (315) 798‐5754
1)	MAIL:	 	Marcy Tax Collector P.O. Box 220 Marcy, N.Y. 13403 
2)	DROPBOX: 	Located ‘inside the side-door entranceway’ 8801 Paul Becker Road  available 24/7
3)	IN PERSON: 	TAX COLLECTOR OFFICE 8801 Paul Becker Road Marcy (during specific hours below):  		
JANUARY: 	Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:  	9 am – 1 pm; (closed holidays 01/01 & 01/21)
Friday: 						9 am – 11 am
FEBRUARY:	Thursdays only:				9 am – 1 pm 
MARCH: 	Thursdays only:	 			9 am – 1 pm; & Friday 3/29: 9 am – 11 am
A.	Tax Bills/Receipts can be viewed/printed from: 
B.	Tax rolls can be viewed at 
C.	Tax Bills must be in paid in full; partial payments cannot be accepted.
D.	Cash, Check, or Money Order accepted ‐ (credit cards are not accepted at this time).
E.	Payable to: “Town of Marcy Tax Collector” *Please provide current phone # and address on checks.
F.	To receive a receipt submit the ENTIRE Tax Bill & check box for receipt, or enclose a self‐addressed envelope.
G.	The only time a receipt is “automatically” mailed to the property owner is when the tax bill is originally sent directly to a bank or tax servicing company and then was paid by bank/escrow.
H.	Failure to receive a tax bill will NOT excuse any property owner from paying taxes/penalties per law.
I.	Tax Collector or any other official does NOT have legal authority to waive statutory penalties or fees per law.
J.	Returned Checks incur $20 fee each, & will NOT be re‐deposited; interest will also apply if paid after 01/31.
K.	If tax bill received in error, &/or should be paid by a bank, please notify Tax Collector.
L.	If “Water, Sewer, or County Relevy” appears on tax bill, this indicates unpaid amounts from 2018.
M.	If “Prior Taxes Due” appears in lower right hand corner of tax bill, this indicates unpaid prior year(s) tax amounts, which are NOT included in your 2019 tax bill. You must now Contact Oneida County Finance to pay, &/or obtain amounts due @ 800 Park Ave. Utica, or phone (315) 798‐5750.
N.	If “School Relevy” appears on tax bill, this indicates unpaid balances from 2018 school tax.  
O.	School taxes are NOT collected by Town of Marcy; you must contact your School District’s Tax Collector:
o	Whitesboro/Oriskany School District Tax Collector 	(315) 736‐9061
o	Holland Patent School District Tax Collector 		(315) 865‐6012 or (315) 865‐7200
P.	Star Exemptions only apply to School Tax Bills and not to Town & County Tax bills.
Q.	Assessment Information, Exemptions, Address Changes, contact Assessor Office Ph. 768‐4800 ext. 228.
Thank you for your cooperation, it is a pleasure serving you. Best Wishes for a Safe and Happy New Year!
Gina M. Schillaci, Town Clerk
Phone (315) 768‐4800 ext. 227 	Fax (315) 768‐1305 	Email:
Tax Bills/Receipts:	Town Website: