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 Master Plan: Why Update it in 2015? 

Master Plan: Why Update it in 2015?


The Times They Are A-Changin’


This Bob Dylan song title explains the future of Marcy in a nutshell.



After 20+ years of relative peace and quiet after to the closing of Griffiss, departure of GE, and the general economic decline of upstate New York, things are about to change... a big way.


The recent announcements officially named GE as the lead tenant of the Quad C building on the SUNY Campus (Utica Nano) and AMS as the first high tech manufacturing company to move into the Marcy Nanocenter site.  


These are big milestone events for the emergence of high technology industry in the Mohawk Valley, centered right here in Marcy – but it certainly does not end here.  Like the other large employers in town, the workforce and related development will occur in Utica, Rome, and neighboring communities within a 50 mile radius.  This development has been 14 years in the making and many folks doubted it would ever happen. 


This long reality puts the Town of Marcy at an historic crossroads. For the first time in years, we are facing the possibility of substantial new development.   The new industry brings the promise of a larger, younger, affluent workforce needing housing, supporting industries, and a range of additional growth for the eventual larger local economy.  These changes will not happen overnight, but will be a series of incremental events over the next several years.


This is why we are doing the Master Plan update.


This is why we are doing this update right now.



Development over the next 10 years will shape our town forever.  Look around - the current character of Marcy was largely established 40 years ago.  Some areas longer, some a little less, but the point is that development in a community like ours determines the environment for a long time.  So now is the time for us to speak up about the kind of town we want this to be 20 years from now.  We want it to be a place that we are proud to call home, a place that reflects our values, and a place that is distinctive within the Mohawk Valley.


There are other articles on this website and the related Facebook site that talk about the many issues we need to consider and discuss.  The point of this one is to understand that like it or not change is coming to us - there is no going back.


But growth is more than just tax base, or "highest and best use" real estate development - this is not about having a chance to sell our property for a million dollars. While there may be some cases of substantial gain, mostly the growth will stabilize our local economy which benefits us all over time.


We need to embrace and guide the coming changes, thoughtfully, as citizens understanding that development shapes a community and influences what other types of development are likely to happen or not.  The point of the master plan is to identify what type of development best fits in Marcy and where. What provides suitable settings for business?  What creates attractive neighborhoods for residents - present and future?  


A successful master plan will be one that preserves those qualities that drew us here in the first place, enhances and enriches the Town of Marcy, and make it a place where others want to live, work and play!


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