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 Master Plan: What Is It and Why Does It Matter? 

Master Plan: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

What Is a Master Plan? 

The Town Master Plan (also called Comprehensive Plan) is a legal document, adopted by the Town Board, used to describe the desired future direction of the town, guide the nature of private development, and associated public investments/services.


Why Does It Matter?

Since the purpose of the Master Plan is to set the desired direction for the Town, it's purpose is to coordinate significant actions by the Town.  Investments in infrastructure, changes in zoning, and other activities that shape development patterns need to be consistent with the adopted master plan.


What is the Process?


There is a committee primarily composed of the Marcy Planning Board members working with a consultants to draft the update to our current master plan.  There have been articles published in Marcy Matters, on this website (on Facebook, in the O-D...), several community information meetings and comment periods at regular meetings.  Once an update has been drafted, the Planning Board will hold a public hearing for comment.  When the Planning Board is comfortable with the update, they will refer the plan to the Town Board.  The Town Board will then consider the plan and have their own hearing. After the Town Board is comfortable with the update, they will adopt it by resolution.  We hope to complete and adopt the 2015 update by the end of the year.


Adoption of the plan does NOT change the zoning - that will be a separate process, with additional hearings and public comment. 



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Calling All Citizens...

The Town of Marcy Master Plan update is both a technical and political activity, where we take some time to reflect on existing conditions in the town, and how we want to guide future land use/development.  The Town Planning Board is coordinating this process but we are calling all citizens in the Town of Marcy to participate.


The focus of the Master Plan update will be on development we would like to see in the town, how much, what types, where, and guidelines for how it should fit in.


I am using the term “Citizen” in this post deliberately instead of resident, or landowner.  A Citizen has both rights and obligations – because our own destiny and the destiny of the community are strongly linked.  As Marcy prospers, we all prosper.  As Citizens, we need to consider what will make the overall community prosper, and how can we contribute to that in a way that is good for both us and the community.



It is important that we consider private property rights, but is it also important that we consider protection of the environment, the general public welfare, and those qualities that make Marcy as a unique and desirable community.  While reasonable use of property is an individual right, development should present little objectionable impact on others.  Development not only provides a range of environments for us to all live, work, and play, but it also should fit with the local community and reflect the look and feel of what makes Marcy special.


In particular, the Master Plan update will consider:


  • The residents’ preference that Marcy maintain its attractive semi-rural character,
  • Areas of natural environment that need to be protected or maintained,
  • The limits of our public infrastructure (to avoid having to invest any more than reasonable to support development),
  • The anticipated types of development likely to be needed as part of the larger Mohawk Valley, but also which of these types are appropriate in Marcy,
  • Unique and potentially valuable opportunities for development that are available in Marcy,
  • As much freedom for individual choice as possible, with minimal adverse impacts upon neighbors. 


Please think about what Marcy can be in 10 years, come to the public meetings, visit this site and our Facebook page for more information, and generally participate in the discussion about how we guide this town to keeps it a great place to live, work, and play for us, our children, and new neighbors.



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