Town of
 Workplace Violence Prevention Program 

Workplace Violence Prevention Program Policy Statement




Our municipality, Town of Marcy is concerned and committed to our employees' safety and health. We refuse to tolerate violence in the workplace and will make every effort to prevent violent incidents from occurring by implementing a Workplace Violence Prevention Program (WPVP). We will provide adequate authority and budgetary resources to responsible parties so that our goals and responsibilities can be met.

All Elected Officials, Department Heads and Supervisors are responsible for implementing and maintaining our WPVP Program. We encourage employee participation in designing and implementing our program. We require prompt and accurate reporting of all violent incidents whether or not physical injury has occurred. We will not discriminate against victims of workplace violence.

A copy of this Policy Statement and our WPVP Program is readily available to all employees from their Department Manager or Supervisor.

Our program ensures that all employees, including Elected Officials, Department Heads and Supervisors, adhere to work practices that are designed to make the workplace more secure, and do not engage in verbal threats or physical actions, which create a security hazard for others in the workplace.

All employees, including Elected Officials, Department Heads and Supervisors, are responsible for using safe work practices, for following all directives, policies and procedures, and for assisting in maintaining a safe and secure work environment.

The management of our municipality is responsible for ensuring that all safety and health policies and procedures involving workplace security are clearly communicated and understood by all employees. Department Heads and Supervisors are expected to enforce the rules fairly and uniformly.

Our Program will be reviewed and updated annually.

August 2009