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 Master Plan: What Nano Means for Marcy 

Master Plan: What Nano Means for Marcy

Just to recap, after a lot of work and preparation, the Nanotechnology industry is coming to Marcy.. 





This is not really a surprise.  It is one of the primary reasons for this Marcy master plan update (see boards below created for our neighborhood meetings).  But the timing of these annoucements makes the timing of this plan update important.


The impact of this industry is likely to be huge.  It is likely to cover a multi-county area.  It is likely to attract some related supporting businesses as well. The employees for this industry will bring new demographics to the area, younger, smarter, different nationalities.  They will be looking for different housing opportunities, different restaurants.  They will become our friends and neighbors.


Being the host community provides Marcy with an opportunity to participate in the ensuing growth. We need to be ready for change and we need need to be smart about it.




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These boards are on display at the Marcy Town Hall.  One shows the location of nano technology sites in Marcy likely to impact growth in the town (also cyber technology and homeland security in nearby communities).  The other shows the timeline associated with development of these sites and the Town's ongoing community planning.