Town of

Nicholas D. Schmidt

(315) 768-4800 ext 239
This position provides a broad range of duties to manage Parks, Recreation & Culture in the Town of Marcy. 
The Director's job will include planning, organizing, implementing and executing programs and new ideas in the Town of Marcy. 
Responsible for employees while providing recreation and culture programs to residents in the Town of Marcy throughout the year.

RESPONSIBILITIES  Parks & Recreation
	Recruiting, interviewing, hiring and maintaining proper credentials of all recreation personnel
	Submits Payroll hours for parks employees including maintenance and recreation personnel 
	Provide year round activities to the community
	Communicates with all departments in the town for parks, recreation and culture activities
	Develop programs for youth and adult recreation
	Schedules and directs summer day camp, tennis, golf, swimming, pool manager and lifeguard activities, as well as boot camp, zumba, tai chi, arts and crafts
	Work with various groups and organizations (Scouting, Football, Baseball, Softball, Seniors)
	Schedule events within the park including the pavilions
	Coordinates distribution of supplies to youth organizations and personnel
	Accountable for inventory on equipment for pool, parks
	Maintains records of purchases, correspondence, and other documents and forms pertaining to the Parks-Recreation Culture.
	Coordinates with Oneida County Workforce Development, including all documentation.
Additional Responsibilities 
	Town Park: Toby Park and Link Park
	Provides a safe, clean environment 
	Coordinates with Town employees duties related to parks.
	Prepares Monthly Reports
	Attends Town Board meetings
	Provides updated information for Town newsletter and website